Dermatology (Acne) Consultation Policy

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Dermatology (Acne) consultation

Acne is a common skin condition that affects most people at some point. It causes spots, oily skin and sometimes skin that's hot or painful to touch.

If we are to provide a patient with effective acne medications for their condition, it is important that our doctor correctly diagnoses the condition. This is why it is necessary for the patient to have a comprehensive and in-depth online diagnostic consultation.
Once the consultation is complete, the patient will be able to order the recommended prescribed medication monthly for a maximum period of 3 months. The diagnostic consultation will then be reviewed by our medical team. The patient should be advised to upload pictures of the affected area on their account.

Medical review

After 6 months, the patient will be required to complete an online Medical Review. This is essential to monitor the patient’s progress with the medication and to make any changes or adjustments to the prescription that may be necessary. After being prompted to fill in the medical review the patient will be able to request a prescription for the medication required. The medical review will then be assessed by our medical team to determine whether the requested medication is still suitable.

Acne policy guidelines

1. For a prescription to be issued by our doctor, the patient will need to provide a detailed and in-depth consultation about their condition. In the patient’s interest, their answers must be truthful and provide as much detail as possible. If they don’t, then our doctor may not be able to issue the prescription.
All patients must be cleared (green flagged) on the Onfido system (online identification software).

2. The type of acne medicine and the strength will be identified by our diagnostic consultation. Only one type of medicine will be supplied at any given time.

3. Once a patient has completed the diagnostic consultation and our doctor has issued a prescription, the patient does not have to complete another for the same condition. Following the diagnostic consultation, the patient can request further supplies for the next 6 months after which they will be prompted to complete a medical review through their account admin area to complete a medical review of their condition. Thereafter, they will be prompted to complete a review every 6 months.

4. At the fourth review, the patient will be asked for their consent for us to contact their GP. An automated letter confirming the diagnosis and treatment can be printed from the patient’s account.
*If the patient provides consent to Nationwide Pharmacies to contact their GP, a consent letter and confirmation of diagnosis and treatment provided should be sent to the GP.
*Provision of false information e.g. doctor’s details, personal information will result in blocking the patient to use our online prescribing service.

5. It is very important that the patient does not exceed the dosage guidelines provided with their medication. In order to help them follow dosage guidelines, they can only request further supplies for a maximum of one month's supply at a time. No further orders will be shipped until 28 days has lapsed from the despatch date of their previous order.  If they order earlier than the one month period their order may be accepted but will not be shipped until the due date. Please see the table below for dispensing volumes and frequency per medication.

6. If we become aware that a patient has ordered from NationWide Pharmacies Ltd and from other suppliers at the same time, we will reduce or cancel the order so that the total amount of medication supplied to any one person does not exceed the maximum dosage guidelines.

7. The medication must be paid for by a bank, debit or credit card that is registered in the patients' name and address. The address the card is registered at is the only address we will deliver acne medications to.

8. In certain circumstances, proof of identity and address may be requested. If so we may ask for a copy of the patient’s passport or driving license along with a copy of a utility bill less than 3 months old.

10. If more than one person is requesting prescription acne medication from the same address it will be necessary to have confirmation of the conditions diagnosed from each patient’s own GP.

11. It is now a requirement for all Online Pharmacies providing consultation services to have a record of each patient’s doctor’s details. This does not mean we will contact the patient’s doctor as we can only contact their doctor with their express permission. When the patient supplies us with their doctors' details they can select one of three options;
“A” we do not have your permission to contact your doctor. 
“B”, we have your permission or 
“C” we only have your permission for certain conditions with others that remain confidential.     

12. It is a criminal offence to give any prescribed medication to any other person. Any medication that is prescribed is for the patient’s use only.

13. Patients can also provide us their consent to access their summary care record from the GP’s record.

14. Our doctor’s hold the right to decline a prescription request if unsatisfactory response/information has been provided by the patient.

As a responsible provider of prescription acne medications, NationWide Pharmacies Ltd operates a strict dispensing volumes and frequency policy. Please see details in the below table.

Drug name                   Pack size                      Quantity
DOXYCYCLINE 100mg   (Capsules) 50 depends on trip, 30 caps for acne
Skinoren cream 30g 1 pack