100 Calorie Snacks 2 A Day Max Campaign

Traditionally many snacks are unhealthy and are high in calories; however there are healthier alternatives available to maintain a healthier and balanced diet. The 20 foods below are all examples of snacks that are less than 100 calories. Change4Life has been set up with the aim of healthier snacks is to encourage and educate more people to make healthier lifestyle choices and be more conscious about the foods which they are purchasing and consuming. 

Below is a selection of 20 healthy snacks under 100 calories:

1. 20 Olives

These contain 68 calories and are a much healthier option. They are good to include with meals or as an individual snack.


2. 14 Almonds

These contain 98 calories and are a perfect snack for when you need something to nibble on; almonds are an ideal substitute for the savoury snacks people usually reach for.


3. 1 Apple

This contains around 100 calories and they are a low fat snack and rich in soluble fibre which helps protect against environmental pollutants and eliminates cholesterol. These come in a variety of different servings as some are bigger than others. This would also count towards your 5 a day.


4. Miso Soup

This contains around 57 calories per serving. Miso soup is one of the low calorie foods that come in powder sachets, so you can make a quick and easy afternoon snack, at the office or at home.

miso soup

5. Mini Vegetable Samosa

1 mini vegetable samosa contains around 70 calories including the carbs in the pastry as a nice low calorie snack.

mini vegetable samosa

6. A Cup of Grapes (92g)

This contains around 62 calories. Grapes have various benefits such as helping in the treatment of anaemia, fatigue, arthritis, gout, rheumatism and especially from recovery of illness.


7. Tomato Soup

This contains around 74 calories and is a low calorie food full of goodness and a filling snack.

tomato soup

8. 2 Satsumas

This contains around 42 calories for 2 satsumas and is a low calorie snack with vitamin C and a very healthy fruit option.


9. 2 Kiwis

This contains around 58 calories for 2 kiwis. Kiwi fruits are not only rich in vitamin C but they are also a great fruit to take to work or to have at home and make a nice change from more common fruits. Kiwis also aid digestion and are great for skin problems and a healthy low fat snack.


10. 16 Strawberries

This contains around 58 calories for 16 strawberries. Strawberries are very low calorie foods as they are healthy fruits and natural.


11. 2 Medium Peaches

This contains around 76 calories for 2 medium peaches. Peaches have many health benefits including helping to lower high blood pressure and lower cholesterol, regenerates skin tissue and contains many essential vitamins. They are low fat snacks and yummy.

medium peaches

12. Fruit and Fibre Bar

This contains around 95 calories per bar. This is just less than 100 calories and is one of the handiest low fat snacks which are convenient for people when going out as a nice easy snack.

fruit and fibre bar

13. 1 Hard Boiled Egg

This contains around 78 calories. Not only are they high in protein and amino acids, but they are also a delicious and filling snack. They are a wonderful source of zinc and vitamins A, B, D and E.

hard boiled egg

14. A Frozen Banana

This contains around 95 calories. They taste great and are a nice and healthy tasting ice snack.

frozen banana

15. A Cup of Pineapple Slices (165g)

This contains around 82 calories per 1 cup serving.

pineapple slices

16. Weight Watchers Strawberry Mini Pot

The Weight Watchers Strawberry Mini Pot contains around 84 calories per pot. This is a very nice tasty snack and can be eaten individually at any time of the day.

weight watchers strawberry mini pot

17. 2 Jaffa Cakes

These contain around 90 calories for 2 jaffa cakes and are tasty treats that are low in calories and only have 1g of fat per cake.

jaffa cakes

18. Snack A Jack Caramel Rice Cake

These contain around 50 calories per rice cake. These are very tasty treats that are low in fat and calories. They are great for just having as an individual snack throughout the day.

snack a jack caramel rice cake

19. Prawn Cocktail Skips

These contain around 89 calories per packet as they are low in fat and are a delicious light snack to calm your savoury cravings.

prawn cocktail skips

20. Special K Red Berries Cereal Bar

These contain around 90 calories per bar.

special k red berries cereal bar

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