On March 3rd 2017, Dr Faye Kirkland was speaking on BBC Breakfast News about online pharmacies and what people should consider who are struggling to get a GP appointment and discusses; How to choose an online pharmacy service?

Dr Kirkland explained the Care Quality Commission (CQC) offers the following tips for members of the public to think about before they purchasing medication from an online pharmacy;

• Check that an online doctor service is registered with the CQC or, if an online pharmacy service, with the General Pharmaceutical Council using the EU common logo

• Check on their address and where you can contact them

• Check how must the service will cost

• Check who works there - are they based in the UK or overseas, and are they registered?

• Check you have been given clear information about the medicine prescribed

• Expect to be asked for photo ID

Click here to read the Care Quality Commissions guide to choosing an online healthcare service

Here at NationWide Pharmacies, we pride ourselves on our legitimacy and we would like to assure our customers we are a 100% genuine registered online pharmacy you can trust based on the following;

• Our Doctor services are registered with the CQC, the GPhC with the EU common logo visible on our about us page

• Our address and contact details are provided here

• The prices of our services are clearly outlined

• The details for our medical team are published on our website and can be viewed here

• The patient leaflets are available to view and download as a pdf so patients can read them prior to ordering their medication

• We will ask for ID from you should we require it in order to validate who you are

Watch Dr Kirkland outlining these points on BBC Breakfast News in this short video clip.

BBC Breakfast News - Dr Faye Kirkland talking about online pharmacies

To upload your ID documents, simply login to your account and go to; My Account > Account Information, and scroll down where you will see the options to upload your documents either in JPEG or PDF format.