Count your calories during Christmas- a rough guide

During the Christmas period we are prone to over indulge the festiveness of delicious foods. But do you consider how many calories you are consuming festive foods and drinks?

What are the Most Common Foods eaten at Christmas?


• Fat per 100g- 4.6g

• Saturated Fat per 100g- 1.4g

• Protein per 100g- 31.2g

• Calories per 100g- 166 calories


• Fat per 100g- 7.5g

• Saturated Fat per 100g- 2.9g

• Protein per 100g- 27.3g

•Calories per 100g- 177


• Fat per 100g- 4.0g

• Saturated Fat per 100g- 1.4g

• Protein per 100g- 21.8g

• Calories per 100g- 123 calories


• Fat per 100g- 14.2g

• Saturated Fat per 100g- 5.7g

• Protein per 100g- 28.1g

• Calories per 100g- 240 calories


• Fat per 100g- 12.5g

• Saturated Fat per 100g- 5.2g

• Protein per 100g- 32.8g

• Calories per 100g- 244 calories

turkey roast chicken roast porkroast lambroast beef

Pigs in blankets

• Calories per 100g- 290 calories

• Carbohydrates per 100g- 10.7g

• Fat per 100g- 18.7g

Mince Pies

• Calories per 100g- 289 calories

• Fat per 100g- 11g

• Saturated Fat per 100g- 2.7g

• Carbohydrate per 100g- 48g

• Sugar per 100g- 28g

• Protein per 100g- 2.6g

Christmas Pudding

• Calories per 100g- 335 calories

• Fat per 100g- 6.3g

• Carbohydrate per 100g- 60.3g

• Protein per 100g- 3.6g

pigs in blanketsmince pieschristmas pudding

Roast Potatoes

• Calories per 100g- 149 calories

• Protein per 100g- 2.9g

• Carbohydrate per 100g- 25.9g

• Fat per 100g- 4.5g

• Fibre per 100g- 1.8g


• Calories per 100g- 386 calories

• Fat per 100g- 3.4g

• Saturated Fat per 100g- 0.8g

• Carbohydrate per 100g- 76g

• Protein per 100g- 11g


• Calories per 100g- 75 calories

• Fat per 100g- 0.3g

• Carbohydrate per 100g- 18g

• Protein per 100g- 1.2g

Yorkshire Puddings

• Calories per 100g- 240 calories

• Fat per 100g- 7.08g

• Carbohydrate per 100g- 34.95g

• Protein per 100g- 8.04g

roast potatoesstuffingparsnipsyorkshire pudding

Chocolate Yule Log

• Calories per 100g- 411 calories

• Fat per 100g- 20.82g

• Carbohydrate per 100g- 55.64g

• Protein per 100g- 5.63g

Cheese and crackers selection

• Calories per 100g- 503 calories

• Fat per 100g- 25.3g

• Carbohydrates per 100g- 58.2g

• Protein per 100g- 10.1g

Cranberry sauce

• Calories per 100g- 151 calories

• Fat per 100g- 0.2g

• Carbohydrate per 100g- 39g

• Sugar- 38g

• Protein- 0.2g

chocolate yule logcheese and crackerscranberry sauce

Remember to be generous with the amount of vegetables that you consume on Christmas.

What Do people mostly drink at Christmas?

Mulled Wine

• Calories per 1 glass- 106 calories

• Fat per 1 glass- 0.6g

• Carbohydrate per 1 glass- 17.49g

• Protein per 1 glass- 0.51g


• Calories per 1 glass- 69 calories

• Carbohydrate per 1 glass- 2g

• Protein per 1 glass- 0.08g Baileys

• Calories per 1 glass- 94 calories

• Fat per 1 glass- 5.8g

• Carbohydrate per 1 glass- 7.4g

Coca Cola

• Calories per 1 glass- 105 calories

• Carbohydrate per 1 glass- 27g

San Pellegrino Limonata

• Calories per 1 can- 125 calories

• Carbohydrate per 1 can- 29.4g

mulled wineproseccococa colasan pellegrino

The above information is a rough guide; however certain calories per product may differentiate so please only take this as a rough guide. Remember to drink and eat responsibly during Christmas.

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