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Anti-Allergy Foods

23 Apr 2018

An allergic reaction can affect the nose, lungs, throat, sinuses, ears, lining of the stomach or the skin. It can cause a variety of symptoms, such as a runny nose, sneezing, itching, watery eyes etc. There are several ways to treat allergies to prevent annoying and troublesome symptoms. If you are prone to allergies, you can include some anti-allergy superfoods in your diet to prevent as well as alleviate the problem.
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Allergy Awareness Week will take place on Monday 23rd April 2018 until Sunday 29th April 2018; this week is designed to raise awareness of people living with allergies. This year the focus of the campaign will be on travelling with an allergy and raising awareness of the issues faced by people with allergy when travelling.
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Hay Fever

26 May 2017

This article covers the topic of Hay fever, that annoying allergic reaction some of us are susceptible to when those pollen levels begin to rise. Read more to discover Hay fever causes, symptoms treatments and more!
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