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Smoking and tobacco use carry high risks to human health. In the UK, 12 million adults smoke (28% of men and 24% of women). Smoking is responsible for 114,000 deaths each year which represents one in every five deaths in the UK. Most of these deaths are from lung cancer, coronary heart disease and chronic obstructive lung disease, the main diseases associated with smoking. It is estimated that about half of all smokers will eventually be killed by their habit. This article covers the different options available to help quit smoking.
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Smoker's Cough Advice

14 Jan 2018

People who smoke often develop a cough. This cough is caused by the body clearing out the chemicals that enter the airways and lungs through tobacco use. If a cough is persistent, lasting for more than 3 weeks, it is known as smoker's cough. While a cough may begin as a dry cough, it can eventually produce phlegm. Other symptoms include a sore throat and chest pain. Several home remedies may help manage the symptoms of smoker's cough.
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