Top 10 Quit Smoking Home Remedies

How can you Quit Smoking? 

In today’s high stress, fast paced environment, cigarette smoking is a habit that a lot of people develop as an addiction due to many reasons such as peer pressure, stress, media influences etc. A majority of smokers often ignore the effects which smoking has on your body.

However, it is not the end there are some effective home remedies which can help you put an axe to your smoking habits.

1. Oats 

Oats help to flush out the harmful toxins from the body while lowering the craving for smoking. It also helps to ease withdrawal symptoms.

• Include oats as part of your daily diet

• Heat one tablespoon of oats in two cups

• Leave this overnight

• Before consuming, heat the oat mix again and drink after every meal.

• You can also have a bowl full of oats for breakfast every morning to help ease withdrawal symptoms and get rid of smoking addiction.

• Having snacks which contain oats or any other form of oats making sure it is kept in your diet regularly to help you quit smoking. Oats are a healthy heart food.

Eating oats can help to lower levels of bad cholesterol and keep your arteries clear, which helps lower the risk of heart disease. Oats also help to decrease cigarette cravings. Oats are a power breakfast loaded with dietary fibres, minerals and nutrients that help in improving overall health. Consuming oats on a daily basis is also an easy way to quit smoking.

oats quit smoking

2. Water

Water helps to flush out the toxins like no other substance. The water helps you heal and it enables you recover from smoking while you are trying to quit. As you abandon your regular smoking habits your body will heal on its own and start to detoxify, but water gives it an extra boost, and it speeds up the process, helping you fight your addictions that much more.

• Drink one glass of cold water 15 minutes before every meal for a balanced metabolic rate.

• Keep sipping water throughout the day

• This helps to cleanse the body and helps with the task at hand.

water quit smoking

3. Grape Seed Extract 

Grape seed extract is a potential antioxidant that helps neutralize free radical damage caused by smoking. It helps to neutralize the damage caused to lung tissues, protects the respiratory system and lowers the risk of heart disease among smokers. It also helps to preserve dental health, preventing the formation of cavities, plaque and tooth decay associated with smoking. Drinking grape juice daily is also a good way to get rid of your smoking cravings.

grapeseed extract quit smoking

4. Honey 

Honey is an excellent remedy in handling the cessation process of smoking. Honey contains beneficial vitamins, enzymes and proteins which help give the habit of smoking at ease.

• Consume 2 teaspoons of honey on a daily basis to help reduce the urge to smoke and promote the cessation process.

• Including honey in your diet on a regular basis to help reduce your smoking appetite.

• You can also include honey in different meals and also have honey related foods in your diet.

• If you make sure you have some form of honey in your diet on a daily basis then that will help you to quit smoking.

honey quit smoking

5. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper helps in desensitizing the respiratory system to all addictive things. It also helps to reduce cigarette craving. Cayenne pepper has a rich source of antioxidants that repairs lung damage and stabilises the lung membranes.

• Include this spice in your diet

• Add a few pinches of cayenne pepper to a glass of water.

• The relief is almost immediate and also works in long term.

cayenne pepper quit smoking

6. Radish

Grated radish affects the acidity of the body caused due to continuous cigarette smoking. This remedy is effective for chain smokers and addicts. It works better when consumed with honey.

radish quit smoking

7. Liquorice

This is a good way in terms of opted natural remedies to refrain yourself from smoking is chewing a liquorice stick whenever you feel the urge to smoke. This is a good substitute for a cigarette. This helps to get rid of the urge to smoke and regulate the digestive system.

liquorice quit smoking

8. Ginger

The health benefits of this common kitchen spice are well known and it is widely used to treat various health conditions. Consuming ginger juice or raw ginger is a good way to quit smoking because it helps in treating withdrawal symptoms of smoking including nausea.

It soothes anxiety, the natural warming effect of ginger induces perspiration that flushes out the toxins, lowers the level of harmful chemicals in the blood and relieves from addiction to smoking. Ginger is the easily available food product found at home that makes you easy to follow home remedies to stop smoking.

ginger quit smoking

9. Valerian

Valerian is a very effective natural remedy for quitting smoking. Valerian is a flowering herb widely available throughout Europe and Asia, and its roots have powerful sedative properties that help in relieving anxiety, stress and sleeplessness- some of the most common withdrawal symptoms of smoking and prevent the craving for nicotine.

• The best way is to consume 2 to 3 grams of valerian root daily is by steeping it in a cup of hot water for 5 minutes.

valerian plant quit smoking

10. Ginseng

If you want to combat the cravings specifically, then ginseng may be the key. You can use about a spoonful of ginseng powder and add it to your juices, cereal, oatmeal or soup. It is best to take it during the morning. That way it can fight your cravings all day. If you find that it is not enough for your cravings, then you can increase your dosage or take it more frequently.

ginseng quit smoking


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