Top 10 Tips for managing asthma during the winter

How can Asthma be controlled during the winter?

During the winter Asthma symptoms are usually more apparent. People with Asthma have airways that are very sensitive. Cold or damp air can enter the airways and trigger asthma symptoms and make them worsen such as wheezing, coughing.

Tip 1:

Take your asthma medication as prescribed and carry your reliever inhaler with you at all times. Your preventer inhaler helps to build up protecting in your airways overtime so your lungs become less sensitive to asthma triggers, like cold air. Your reliever inhaler should be used as soon as you notice any asthma symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath and tightness in your chest.

Tip 2:

Stay warm (wear warm clothing such as scarfs, gloves, heavy coats, jumpers etc. around your face and body area to keep your body warm. Cold air can trigger asthma symptoms, so wearing warm clothing and the right fabric helps to warm up the cold air before inhaling it.

Tip 3:

Breathe through your nose helps to warm up the air before it gets to your lungs, which is another useful way in potentially preventing cold air from triggering asthma symptoms.

Tip 4:

Knowing your triggers is also very important speaking to your GP and being examined to where your main triggers are so you are aware during the winter and know how to avoid triggers. Keep aware of the weather conditions especially in winter. If you are inside keep a warm room temperature (turn the heating on).

Tip 5:

Limit time around pets especially if you have a cat or a dog in your home or friends, neighbours have pets; as this is a possible asthma trigger. Try to keep a pet out of your bedroom reach.


Tip 6:

Cover your bedding especially if dust is a trigger make sure your mattress, pillows and covers are suitable and warm for yourself to help prevent asthma triggers during winter period.

Tip 7:

Putting the fan on in your bathroom when taking a bath or shower. Use exhaust fan in kitchen when cooking or using dishwasher to prevent the house from steaming up and getting mouldy. Make sure pipes and windows are not leaky.

Tip 8:

Wash your hands to keep viruses away from your body when touching your eyes, nose or mouth area.

Tip 9:

Stay away from other people who are ill to avoid catching germs.

Tip 10:

Asthma control plan can help assist you in managing your asthma during the winter and throughout the rest of the year.