Top Tips For Keeping Your Teeth Healthy

Brushing, flossing and other oral health practices are important for preventing cavities, tooth decay and gum disease. Looking after your teeth plays a key role in whether you have a healthy, beautiful smile. The best foods for your teeth are those that neutralize acids, provide minerals and vitamins to repair tooth enamel, and stimulate saliva. This article will outline the top foods and top tips for keeping your teeth healthy.


Milk is a dairy product that provides calcium and phosphates along with vitamin D, which helps the body, make full use of the calcium. All these nutrients are essential for healthy teeth and strong bones. Drinking milk regularly will strengthen and repair tooth enamel, as well as fortify your bones.

milk for healthy teeth


Cheese is an excellent food choice to keep your teeth strong and healthy. Cheese is another saliva-generator. It also contains calcium and phosphates that help neutralize acids in your mouth, and casein that helps fortify your teeth’s surface. Those who are prone to cavities would do well to eat a small piece of cheese after a meal to prevent decay.

cheese for healthy teeth


Eating apples increases saliva in the mouth and prevents cavity build up by scrubbing your teeth’s surface. Plus, they are loaded with various vitamins and minerals that aid in overall health. Try eating an apple as a snack daily part of your diet to help clean in between your teeth.

apples for healthy teeth


Oranges are a rich source of calcium, vitamins C and D, and other nutrients that are good for the health of your teeth. Orange juice will naturally cleanse your mouth by eliminating harmful bacteria and helping prevent tooth decay.

oranges for healthy teeth


Plain, non-fat yogurt is an excellent source of calcium and a good source of protein. Eating yogurt regularly will support dental health and can be a huge help if you are trying to lose weight.

yoghurt for healthy teeth

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate contains cocoa, which contains tannin that helps prevent tooth erosion and decay by combating inflammation of the gums. Cocoa also reduces the growth of plaque and appears to lower acid production. Dark chocolate can also promote blood circulation in the gums. Chocolate has many antioxidants and disease-fighting phenolic compounds that combat cell damage in the mouth and throughout the body. So enjoy a piece of dark chocolate several times a day.

dark chocolate for healthy teeth

Brush your teeth

Brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes using a toothpaste containing fluoride. The brushing action alone will help to remove plaque which will lead to tooth decay if left alone, while fluoride will help to strengthen your tooth enamel. Brush your teeth in the morning (when waking up) and in the night (before going to bed). Brush thoroughly; reach every surface, clean in between your teeth using floss or interdental brushes once a day. Don’t forget to brush your tongue to rid it of nasty bacteria.

brush your teeth

Quit Smoking & Alcohol

If you’re a smoker – Quit! Smoking is terrible for your teeth, as well as your overall health. Keep alcohol to a minimum as alcohol can also erode the outer surface of the teeth leading to a loss of enamel. It also increases the risk of developing mouth cancer and liver disease/liver cancer.

quit smoking and alcohol

See your dentist

You should also visit your dentist for regular check-ups and if you have a dental problem such as a toothache or bleeding gums.

see your dentist

Keep fizzy drinks to a minimum

Fizzy and sugary drinks contain huge amounts of sugar so limit your intake of these. When drinking these try to use a straw as this is a better way of consuming your drinks.

keep fizzy drinks to a minimum

Replace your toothbrush

Replace your toothbrush every few months. Once the bristles start to wear and spread they won’t be able to clean your teeth effectively.

replace your toothbrush

Deal with teeth grinding or clenching

Now not all of us know that we do this. Sometimes it happens while you sleep. Not many people know that your dentist can help with this. If you experience any of these problems, ask your dentist how they can help.

deal with teeth grinding or clenching