World Leprosy Day 2018

  • What is World Leprosy Day?
  • How can you get involved with World Leprosy Day?

  • What is World Leprosy Day?

    This year World Leprosy Day will take place on Sunday 28th January 2018 as it takes place each year on the last Sunday of January. Nearly 211,000 people are newly diagnosed with leprosy and start treatment each year.

    The purpose of this campaign is to raise awareness and help prevent a disease known as Leprosy which is a mildly infectious disease associated with poverty. It is easily cured. This disease starts by damaging the small nerves on the skins surface resulting in a loss of sensation. Without pain, everyday activities are dangerous. If pain is unnoticed for a long period of time it can lead to a permanent disability and blindness.

    Lepra are a UK based international charity working to beat leprosy. This disease affects the most vulnerable people in the world, causing life changing disabilities, but there is a cure. This charity works directly with communities in Bangladesh, India and Mozambique to find, diagnose and rehabilitate children, women and men affected by leprosy.

    Through raising awareness, pushing for early detection and reducing stigma they support people suffering with Leprosy to transform their lives and make a difference. Lepra charity vision is to enable children, men and women affected by the neglected disease leprosy to transform their lives and overcome poverty and prejudice.

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    To find out more information about the charity visit

    How can you get involved with World Leprosy Day?

    • Social media- Help to spread the word by joining the campaign on social media World Leprosy Day. All you have to do is print off a #BeatLeprosy banner, available on the website, take a selfie with it and then post it on your chosen social media channels using #BeatLeprosy and #WLD2018 hashtags. Or even interact with the campaign on their social media pages.

    • Inform your friends and family- By raising awareness globally it can help make a difference in tackling the stigma which often stops people suffering coming forward to treatment , raise funds to help beat the disease.

    • Fundraising- All of the money raised goes towards improving the lives of those affected by the disease leprosy and there are so many different ways you can do it. This includes book sales, cake sales, concerts, tea parties.

    • Add World Leprosy Day to your emails- An easy way to spread the message is to email others about the campaign by adding their email banner to your email signature. To find out more information about World Leprosy Day visit