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Welcome to our Eczema treatment service

New guidelines for Online Pharmacies require us to diagnose a condition before offering prescription medicines to a patient. Here at NationWide Pharmacies, our doctors have been working hard to develop an online eczema diagnostic service. This new service will provide our patients with an accurate diagnosis of their condition. Following the diagnosis and an order being placed for your required treatment, our doctor will be able to issue a free private prescription as usual.

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This new diagnostic procedure takes a little more time than our previous method of consultation but the good news is it is only required once and it will provide you with a very accurate diagnosis.

Once your online diagnosis is complete you will be able to purchase your eczema treatment as usual. Three months from the date of your diagnosis our doctor will send you a medical review form to monitor your progress on the treatment and renew your free private prescription if necessary.

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Why use NationWide Pharmacies?

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