A Personal Welcome from David K Harrison the owner of NationWide Pharmacies and Pharma-UK.com

Hello and welcome. If you have clicked on this link you have probably recieved a text from me or been contacted by  our CBD advisory team based in our Nottingham office. The mission of our team from Nottingham is to make telephone contact with as many of our NWP customers as possible in order to convey the story of my success using CBD GOLD and to introduce them to our Pharma-UK site and our CBD GOLD products.

David K Harrison Owner of Nationwide PharmaciesMy story: I have worked in the healthcare industry for more than 15 years. I founded and incorporated NationWide Pharmacies (NWP) almost a decade ago since then NWP has become one of the UK's leading digital healthcare providers. Anybody that knows me can’t help but be aware that, I am passionate about CBD oil and the benefits that can be gained from taking it. This led me to recently launch NWPs Pharma-UK website to showcase our CBD GOLD products. To explain why I am so passionate about CBD GOLD let me share with you my personal journey with CBD oil.

Just over a year ago I was suffering with severe lower back pain. The pain was so bad that I had started to take prescription pain killers (opioids). It was then that I first read about medicinal Cannabis and specifically Cannabidiol (CBD). Having read about the potential benefits of taking CBD oil, I decided to try it. It was difficult finding a quality oil that I could trust, but eventually, I found an oil that I considered good quality.

After some trial and error with different strengths, I eventually settled on what was and is the right strength for me. To my amazement within two months, I was completely pain free and remain pain free to this day. I also discovered that aside from curing my lower back pain it had other additional beneficial effects. For longer than I can remember I have suffered from tension headaches as well as tension in my neck and shoulders. I haven’t had a headache in 12 months and all of the stress and tension in my neck and shoulders is gone. In fact, my mood in general, can only be described as much brighter and so much more positive. All of this I attribute to CBD oil.

But it doesn’t end there, I used to be a chocoholic, since taking CBD my craving for chocolate has stopped completely. In fact, I haven’t eaten chocolate in more than 6 months, so I have also lost a bit of weight as well, which I consider a bonus. You may well see me back in the gym soon!

My mission: Having experienced such fantastic results myself and given my involvement in the Healthcare industry I vowed to share my experience with as many people as possible. My mission statement below summarises how I intend to do just that:

  • To inform as many people as I possibly can of the benefits that I have experienced using CBD oil and to educate them on how to use CBD oil.
  • To source, develop and provide our patients with the very best quality CBD oil possible, manufactured in the UK to UK pharmaceutical standards.
  • To back that quality product with the support of a clinical team of Doctors, Pharmacists and Nutritional experts,
  • To use the support of our professional clinical team to provide a holistic approach to the healthcare and treatment of our patients/customers.

Pharma-UK.com and CBD GOLD are the results of my mission.

CBD Oil DropperHow to use CBD GOLD. This paragraph is just a quick guide to using CBD GOLD. Your daily dose of CBD GOLD is 1ml taken half in the morning and half at night. night. Half a ml is equal to half the content of the dropper tube. 

You will have already had an in depth conversation with one of our CBD GOLD advisors from our Nottingham office, who will have advised you on which strength of CBD GOLD to take. It is important to remember that CBD GOLD is not a miracle cure it can take up to a month to build up in your system before it has full effect. Also everybody is different in weight, size, age and how we treat our bodies, also the type and severity of the condition you are treating will have an impact on the strength of CBD required. In short after your first months use if you are not getting the results you are looking for you should move up a strength for the following month and keep doing that until you get the results required.

If you wish to speak directly to one of our CBD advisory team in our Nottingham office, you can contact them on:

 FREEPHONE 0800 001 4477. They are there to assist you from 9:00am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday.

If you require additional information from our clinical team, email: info@pharma-uk.com please put “Clinical Team” in the subject header.