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Flu Prevention

Protect yourself against the flu this winter with Tamiflu. Available on prescription from NationWide Pharmacies.

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Influenza, more commonly known as the flu, is a contagious virus that can be spread from person to person by coughs and sneezing. Although flu does not generally pose any serious health problems for a fit and healthy individual it can have serious complications for those who are young children, the elderly, pregnant women, and people who have a pre-existing condition that may affect their immune system and therefore their ability to fight the flu virus.


Available Treatments: 
Tamiflu (oseltamivir)

Tamiflu (oseltamivir) is used for the treatment of uncomplicated infections with the influenza viruses, including H1N1, in adults and children (one year and older) within two days of the beginning of symptoms. It also is approved for emergency use in children less than 1 year old. Tamiflu can be used for preventing the flu in healthy individuals.

Available Strengths: 75 mg

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Symptoms of Flu:

Flu can be caught at any time of year however it is especially common in the winter months. Flu symptoms can include, fever, sore throat, headache, aching of the joints, tiredness. Detecting the symptoms of flu at an early stage allows treatment to be started early before the virus has a chance to spread through the body and to other people.

Primary symptoms

  • Fever (100°F or greater) - A fever occurs when your body temperature increases in response to illness or injury. Your temperature is considered elevated when it is 100°F or greater.
  • Muscle aches - Body aches that are sudden and unexplained can be a sign of the flu.
  • Chills - Body chills not related to a cold environment can be a sign of the flu.

Other symptoms

  • Headache - A headache associated with the flu may appear suddenly and be accompanied by body aches or nasal congestion.
  • Sore throat - Swelling in the throat can make it sore.
  • Runny or stuffy nose - A runny or stuffy nose may occur, but is more common in children than adults.
  • Stomach symptoms - These include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhoea. They are more common in children than adults.
  • Chest discomfort, cough - Chest discomfort is often severe with the flu.
Who is at risk from flu?

Everyone is susceptible to flu and if you are fit and healthy there is no immediate need for concern. However for some people the risk of infection can be more serious. It is recommended that you speak to your doctor if you have flu symptoms and you fall into any of the categories listed below.

  • Man and women 65 or over
  • Women who are pregnant
  • Man and women who have a long-term medical condition such as diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, kidney or neurological disease
  • Man and women who have a weakened immune system
Preventing Flu:

Prevention is always better than cure and there are three simple ways to help protect yourself from winter flu. Good hygiene is the best way to prevent the spread of germs that cause flu. Washing your hands regularly, covering your nose and mouth with a tissue when sneezing and disposing of tissues quickly and safely will all help prevent the spread of flu. If you are over 65, pregnant or have a serious medical condition you are entitled to get a free Flu vaccination through the NHS. The flu vaccination (flu jab) is available from October. The flu jab is also recommended for children between the ages of 2 and 17. Flu Antivirals, although not a substitute for the flu jab, are recommended for people over 65 with medical conditions (diabetes) who are at risk of catching flu and have not had a flu jab.


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