ActiPatch | Drug Free Pain Relief Treatment | Back Knee Muscle & Joint Pain

ActiPatch uses Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy to relieve pain and inflammation. Small, convenient and economical patch for personal use. Low level and safe electromagnetic pulses stimulate cells to speed recovery.

The ActiPatch® product provides advanced long-lasting chronic pain relief using Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy and works great for back pain, knee pain, muscle & joint pain, arthritis, sciatica, fibromyalgia, strains, sprains and more.

***ActiPatch is available on NHS prescription. If you have a prescription for this we can fulfil it. Simply create a NationWide Pharmacies NHS repeat prescriptions account and send your prescription to our freepost address - FREEPOST NATIONWIDE PHARMACIES LIMITED***.

Also, if you feel you would benefit from ActiPatch please consult your GP who should be able to issue a prescription for it should it be a suitable form of pain management for you.

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This revolution in drug free pain relief offers safe and effective 24-hour relief, clinically proven results and helps restore the quality of life. ActiPatch is able to offer 90 x 8 hour treatments (720 hours) using electromagnetic pulse therapy. ActiPatch proudly won the Wall Street Journal Medical Innovation Award. The electromagnetic technology relives inflammation and pain in the muscles and joints.

It has been proven both effective and safe by physicians and physiotherapists for decades. Thanks to advances in electromagnetic pulse therapy ActiPatch is offered in a small, convenient and economical patch for personal use. Safe to use for diabetics, arthritics, elderly and people with a compromised renal function. Can be combined with any medication and used overnight. ActiPatch is available on NHS prescription and is listed on the NHS drug tariff list of medical appliances.

The New Understanding of Pain

Research shows that pain persists because nerves have 'learned' pain. When this happens, the body becomes highly sensitive to signals, leading to pain that does not go away, even after the injury has healed.

The New Technology for Pain Relief

ActiPatch safely interrupts abnormal pain signalling in the nerves. This advanced therapy reaches into the painful area to provide real relief at the source. ActiPatch can be used 24/7.

ActiPatch Unmatched Benefits

  • Improves quality of life by allowing better sleep
  • Allows easier movement for daily activities
  • Drug-free, no harmful side effects
  • Affordable therapy, at just a few pence per hour
Product Information


ActiPatch is a new and clinically proven drug free technology to combat against chronic pain. This innovative technology comes in the form of a small, light wearable microelectronic medical device. The device emits a pulsating electromagnetic field that penetrates the body without sensation or heat to induce an electric field in the affected joint and tissue. This novel electric field therapy reduces acute and chronic pain and inflammation. ActiPatch relieves chronic and acute pain due to muscle and joint soreness, strains and sprains, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and more. Safe to use for diabetics, arthritics, elderly and people with compromised renal function. Can be combined with any medication and used overnight.

About ActiPatch;

  • ActiPatch offers clinically proven knee pain relief that works around the clock, with no drugs, electrical shocks, or creams. Shown to reduce pain, increase physical activity and improve overall quality of life in people with osteoarthritis of the knee. In the clinical trial, people using ActiPatch actually (significantly) reduced their use of NSAIDs
  • Beloved by Britain. More than 1 million units sold worldwide!
  • ActiPatch helps retrain your nerves—teaching them to send pain signals normally again. Using rapidly pulsing electromagnetic waves that are low enough so you cannot feel them, but high enough to provide benefits, ActiPatch “teaches” your “over-reactive” nerves to signal correctly again
  • Great alternative to pills (NSAIDS or even opioids), CBD creams and oils, knee braces, ice, cold/hot wraps and TENS treatments like iRelieve or Quell
  • Just place the wire loop over the area where you’ve got pain (so the painful area is inside the device’s loop), attach it with included tape, and wear it up to 24 hours a day—you can even sleep and shower with it on 

How ActiPatch is used;

Step 1: Remove the device and wrap from the plastic bags. To activate the device, peel the white adhesive tab back from the module. This will expose the silver coloured push button. Do not discard the white tab as you can cover the button with it to make sure the push button isn't accidentally pressed.

Step 2: Push the silver button and hold it down for about 2 seconds (you should hear a click). Once the device is activated, there will be a green LED light on the opposite side of the device. If the green LED light is not on please repeat step 2.

Step 3: Completely insert the device into the pouch located on the wrap

Step 4: Position the wire loop directly over the area of pain. The therapeutic area is within the wire loop. For Best Results: Wear continuously until pain diminishes or for a minimum of 8 hours daily. Secure the wrap with the hook and loop straps. Do not over tighten as this may restrict circulation.

Step 5: To deactivate the device, press the silver button and hold it down for about 2 seconds. Once the device is deactivated, the green LED light will turn off. You may cover the silver coloured push button with the white tab for storage.


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