Quit Smoking Treatments

Champix's active ingredient is Varenicline and works by obstructing the transportation of nicotine in the body. There are nicotine receptors in the brain. When you inhale cigarette smoke, nicotine connects to these receptors setting off the discharge of the feel-good chemical dopamine. Soon after finishing a cigarette, nicotine and dopamine levels begin to depreciate resulting in craving and withdrawal sensations. Champix is believed to function by binding to the same receptors in the brain and blocking nicotine from attaching and activating them. This can help you to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms and reduce your enjoyment of cigarettes if you do smoke while on treatment. Champix treatment can help you quit smoking and become smoke free. Research has indicated that taking Champix for a period 12 weeks can greatly enhance your chances of smoking cessation in comparison with attempting to stop by going cold turkey. However, not all smokers respond in the same way as some nicotine withdrawal symptoms can last for up to ten weeks or more so a 12-week comprehensive course is recommended to give each person who enrols on the Champix course the highest likelihood of quitting so It’s important to take the medicine for the full 12-week course.