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The threat of antibiotic resistance is a very real issue that needs to be addressed. A world minus antibiotics is place where 3 million procedures every year, like caesarean sections and hip replacements suddenly become a danger, and cancer sufferers are put at increased risk. Antibiotic-resistant bloodstream infections increased by some 35% between 2013 and 2017. As a result, we are witnessing an increasing volume of infections that are refusing to respond to antibiotic treatment. It is clear that innovative new approaches are needed urgently. Throughout September 2019, Public Health England will be spearheading a campaign to raise awareness of this problem.
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With an ageing population and the adverse effects of today’s lifestyle, urology conditions, diseases and cancers are becoming more common in our society. One in two people will experience a urology condition in their lifetime. Urology Awareness Month helps raise awareness about the symptoms and aims to encourage people to speak to their doctor sooner.
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This article aims to assess the claims that CBD - a derivative from the Cannabis plant - can help reduce the cravings associated with addiction to Opioids following an article published in the Daily Mail claiming its impact when tested on 42 heroin addicts.
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Cancer is a diagnosis everyone dreads to hear because it has the potential to kill.  There are over one hundred types of cancer affecting different parts of the body. Cancer describes a collection of diseases where cells in the body divide without stopping.  In most cases malignant tumours form which attacks and invades the tissue in our bodies. This is not the case in cancers of the blood such as leukaemia.


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The largest study to date regarding cannabidiol (CBD) has shown that many patients are finding such great relief from their ailments using CBD, that they are able to give up pharmaceutical prescriptions entirely.
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On Friday 5th July, we had a full page spread on our CBD GOLD range and the services we provide in The Times newspaper in an attempt to educate people what to consider when purchasing CBD.
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With the cannabis plant containing over 100 constituents it is not surprising we get confused about the effects they have. It is only recently we have started to associate cannabis extract with health benefits. Therefore it is vitally important you are aware of the effects and composition of hemp oil, CBD oil and recreational cannabis.
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The use of CBD Oil to treat a variety of different health conditions is still very much in its infancy. Scientists are still unsure of how it relieves anxiety symptoms due to lack of research. Presently it is classed as a food supplement making it readily available in high street shops and online. It is an unregulated product, therefore the quality can vary greatly from place to place. The composition of the CBD oil is very important so it is imperative you purchase it from a reputable company.


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Today (27th June) Jeremy Vine was discussing the latest health craze to sweep the nation - CBD oil.

But specifically, are people getting what is on the bottle they're buying in this relatively new and unregulated market?

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It has been reported in The Times (27th June 2019) that millions of the British public have been conned into buying CBD products that do not even contain CBD!

Read about the extent of this problem in a relatively unregulated market.

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