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It has been claimed by researchers that less than two-thirds of doctors in England's GP surgeries are unsure how to approach the subject of physical activity with their patients as they are not confident about how to advise them in this area. Outlined in July 2011 by the Chief Medical Office, national guidelines advise that adults aged between 19 and 64 participate in 75 minutes of intense activity or 150 minutes of moderate physical activity a week. So what is the taboo that some doctors possess on this?
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NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme

Tuesday, Aug 08, 2017

A record number of the UK population are living with Type 2 diabetes. This is over twice the number of people compared with 1996. Unfortunately, many of us will experience potentially preventable complications as a result of diabetes, frankly because they are unaware and do not have enough knowledge about the condition and how they can manage it. On a positive note, if you are at risk Type 2 diabetes, there are plenty of little alterations you can make to prevent the onset of diabetes in the first instance. The first thing to do is find out if you are at risk.


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Trials have been rolled throughout England to assess if video consultations on smartphone apps could be an effective substitute for ambulances for thousands of calls as 'lower priority'.
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Doctors and nurses are using WhatsApp Messenger and Snapchat to share patient data "across the NHS", health professionals have informed the BBC
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This article discusses communications within the NHS, the challenges it faces and possible technological models that could be considered to overcome the current concerns surrounding patient data security.
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Explaining the Electronic Prescription Service Information for patients and carers in England. This new service lets your GP practice send your prescription electronically to the dispenser you nominate to get your medication or appliance from – without the requirement for paper in some cases. This means there is a reduced need for people with repeat prescriptions to contact their GP practice just to collect a prescription form.

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The imminent arrival of NHS electronic repeat prescription services

Raising awareness of the proposed Electronic Repeat Prescriptions (ERP) changes is very important but it seems many people are uninformed. Online YouGov research found 50% of all adults were unaware electronic prescriptions are now available at most GP surgeries in England. The survey comes as the NHS finds itself under acute pressure to slash costs through the adoption and utilisation of modern digital services.

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