• The imminent arrival of NHS electronic repeat prescription services
  • What is the EPS?
  • Information for patients
  • How can you use the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS)?
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  • The imminent arrival of NHS electronic repeat prescription services

    Raising awareness of the proposed Electronic Repeat Prescriptions (ERP) changes is very important but it seems many people are uninformed. Online YouGov research found 50% of all adults were unaware electronic prescriptions are now available at most GP surgeries in England. The survey comes as the NHS finds itself under acute pressure to slash costs through the adoption and utilisation of modern digital services.

    What is the EPS?

    The EPS enables prescribers - such as GPs and practice nurses - to send prescriptions electronically to a dispenser (such as a pharmacy) of the patient's choice. This makes the prescribing and dispensing process more efficient and convenient for patients and staff.The NHS is looking to phase out the use of paper format repeat prescriptions in place of Electronic repeat prescriptions.

    Information for patients

    If usually you collect repeat prescriptions from the same dispenser, or if you pick them up on behalf of another person, you could benefit from the service in the following ways;

    • You can collect repeat prescriptions straight from a pharmacy without visiting your GP
    • Your paper prescription will no longer be there to miss place
    • Reduced pharmacy waiting time for prescriptions to be ready
    • The service is reliable, secure and confidential

    The EPS provides the opportunity to change how your GP sends your prescription to your chosen dispenser to receive your medicines or appliances from. If you currently pick up your repeat prescriptions from your GP, this new Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) will enable you to by-pass the GP’s surgery practice to pick up your paper prescription.Alternatively, your GP will send it electronically to your chosen dispensary.

    How can you use the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS)?

    You need to select a location for your GP practice to electronically send your prescriptions to. This is known as a nomination. NHS Digital has outlined a proposal where patients who are yet to nominate a dispenser will be issued a token which they can take or send to the pharmacy if it is online.The token will contain the patients repeat prescription information which the pharmacy will use to download the data from t hew NHS spine. It has also been proposed that GP surgery’s will be able to issue electronic tokens but the mechanism by which this will be facilitated through is yet to be clarified.

    NationWide Pharmacies ERPS

    At NationWide Pharmacies we offer a confidential, discrete and free ERPS. By becoming your chosen dispense, we will handle all of your repeat prescriptions providing you with the following benefits;

    • No need for paper prescriptions
    • No need to travel to a pharmacy
    • FREE notification reminder service
    • Discrete and FREE delivery to your door

    We will deliver your medicines using the Royal Mail first class signed for service to the address of your choice which can be either you home or work for example. We will contact you via email 14 days before the date your repeat prescription is due. This enables you to confirm that your medicine requirements. Once you have confirmed your medicine’s, we will contact your GP on your behalf and ensure that your repeat prescription is dispensed and dispatched in time for you to receive them on the date they are due. Click here to sign up to NationWide Pharmacies Electronic Repeat Prescription Service.

    To keep up to date with ERPS developments, visit NHS Digital and the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee websites.