What is ActiPatch?

ActiPatch is a drug-free micro medical device that uses Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy to reduce pain and inflammation. It can be used for chronic and acute pain due to muscle and joint soreness, strains and sprains, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and more. ActiPatch is a new and clinically proven drug free technology in the fight against chronic pain. This can be taken alongside any other medications. The ActiPatch product provides advanced long-lasting chronic pain relief using Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy and works great for back pain, knee pain, muscle & joint pain, arthritis, sciatica, fibromyalgia, strains, sprains and more.  ActiPatch is drug and ingredient-free so is safe for continuous use and can be used while taking any other medication. Unlike a TENS machine, you will not feel heat or vibration. In fact, ActiPatch is completely sensation free, so the only thing you are going to feel is better.

What are the features of ActiPatch? 

Targeted pain relief and anti-inflammatory action

• May assist in the healing of soft tissue

• Sensation, odour and drug free

• Up to 24hr per day continuous treatment

• Small, light wearable device

• 720 hours with on/off capability

• Advanced long-lasting relief

• Safe for use with a pacemaker or implanted metalwork

How does ActiPatch work? 

ActiPatch helps your nerves unlearn pain. ActiPatch helps retrain your nerves by teaching them to send pain signals normally again. Using rapidly pulsing electromagnetic waves that are low enough so you cannot feel them, but high enough to provide benefits, ActiPatch teaches your over-reactive nerves to signal correctly again. As the electrical energy from the device is wireless, you don’t need to attach any electrodes, you just put ActiPatch directly on your skin or over bandaging, hold it in place with adhesive or a wrap and let it work. 

How to use ActiPatch

ActiPatch is easy to use. Just turn the device on, place the loop over the area in which you need the pain relief, and hold it in place—you can use medical adhesive (included in package), a cloth wrap or attach it to the first layer of your clothing (a tight pair of pants, for example). Wear it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can wear it while you sleep and while working out (just don’t submerge ActiPatch in water for long, like in the bath, or a pool). You can turn the 720-hour device off by holding the on-off switch down for at least 3 seconds.

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ActiPatch Customer Testimonials

ActiPatch medical device has been sold in the UK for five years. 

"I bought an ActiPatch and it really does ease the pain." 

"I can assure you ActiPatch works effectively in relieving pain as an alternative to taking painkillers." 

"I used ActiPatch for the first time in years I can cycle pain-free. Like everything it is worth a try and for me ActiPatch is brilliant" 

"Oh I love my ActiPatch. I have only had it for 2 days but oh boy it's great!" 

"After suffering with chronic pain for 14 years, I used ActiPatch and the difference it has made to my pain level is amazing. Thank you ActiPatch." 

"Pain Free, if this was put on prescription instead of physio, the NHS would save a fortune!" 

What are the benefits of ActiPatch?

ActiPatch offers clinically proven knee pain relief that works around the clock, with no drugs, electrical shocks or creams. It has shown to reduce pain, increase physical activity and improve overall quality of life in people suffering from osteoarthritis in the knee. In clinical trials, people using ActiPatch significantly reduced their use of NSAIDs. FDA cleared for the treatment of knee pain and osteoarthritis. Beloved product by Britain. More than 1 million units sold WorldWide. 

  • ActiPatch helps retrain your nerves—teaching them to send pain signals normally again. Using rapidly pulsing electromagnetic waves that are low enough so you cannot feel them, but high enough to provide benefits, ActiPatch “teaches” your “over-reactive” nerves to signal correctly again
  • Great alternative to pills (NSAIDS or even opioids), CBD creams and oils, knee braces, ice, cold/hot wraps and TENS treatments. 

How Effective has ActiPatch been in relieving pain? 

For users who benefited from using ActiPatch:

  • More than 70% reported improved sleep quality
  • 75% reported increased physical activity
  • 90% reported an improvement in overall quality of life
  • ActiPatch was effective for most pain causes, the most common being arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia
  • ActiPatch was effective for chronic pain in the back, knee, shoulder, neck, hip and elbow among other locations