On Friday 5th July, we had a full page spread on our CBD GOLD range and the services we provide in The Times newspaper The article focused some key aread such as;

  • What are the real benefits of CBD?
  • What makes a good quality CBD oil?
  • Are you getting value for money?

These are all currently very relevant as recent media reports suggest that many CBD products available in a relatively unregulated market, do not contain the CBD advertised on the bottle. One being from a very well respected major UK high street chain.

The piece set out to try and educate people on what to look for when purchasing CBD to avoid buying a low-quality CBD product.



Other topics about Pharma-UK's CBD GOLD which were covered were;

  • Pharma-UK CBD is always extracted from the whole plant
  • Pharma-UK's CBD uses Supercritical CO2 extraction methods
  • Pharma-UK CBD is a certified Broad Spectrum oil

We also have our lab test reports available which can be viewed here so you know exactly what you are buying when purchasing CBD GOLD.

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 CBD GOLD in The Times