What is Topical Acne Treatment?

A variety of creams, gels and lotions can be administered to combat the physical appearance of acne with treatment functioning by various means. The subsequent text summarises the different types of topical acne treatment.

It is important to point out to always patient leaflet for each treatment you a looking to use such as instructions such as how to apply the treatment and the care to take when applying them vary. A key point is the topical acne treatments should be generously applied to the whole of the infected areas of the skin as opposed to a concentrated dosage to one specific area or spot.

What is Skinoren Cream?

Skinoren cream is a topical antibacterial lotion used to treat acne by blocking the construction and spread of pimples and blackheads that are formulated with acne. Simultaneously, Skinoren cream has potential benefit for medicating androgenetic alopecia (hair loss) in both men and women.

How does Skinoren Cream treat acne?

Skinoren cream’s active ingredient is azelaic acid. This element softens the epidermis and kills bacteria. Aside from this azelaic acid has the capacity to lighten the skin by counteracting the production of melanin, a skin pigment that facilitates skin appearing in its usual tone.

Azelaic acid works by decreasing the amount of sebum, thus reducing the numbers of bacteria and preventing their growth. The inflammation of the sebaceous glands then subsides and the acne disappears.

Azelaic acid also limits the growth of the keratin-containing skin cells on the surface of the skin. These cells block the skin's pores, leading to blackheads and whiteheads. Controlling skin cell growth prevents their build-up and helps unblock the pores.

Warnings when using Skinoren Cream

Skinoren Cream should be avoided if you have allergies related to the ingredients in the medication. Avoid contact with the eyes, mouth or and nose and other sensitive areas of your body. If unintended contact does happen in any if these areas, rinse with cold water as soon as possible.

If you are an Asthma sufferer, make sure you GP or medical professional know prior to using Skinoren, as on rare occasions, patients have reported elevated or worse than normal Asthma symptoms after applying Skinoren.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, think you may be pregnant or are planning to have a baby, ask your doctor for advice before using Skinoren as there is minimal reported use of the treatment being used during pregnancy.

What are the side effects of Skinoren Cream?

Side effects can be apparent in the surrounding skin where the cream is administered. Although any skin irritation doesn’t last long and will heal in due course. Side effects reported are redness, itching and burning are very common. Other typical side effects are dryness, skin irritation and skin discolouration. Sometimes skin can feel tingly like pins and needles, or swell, become greasy or contributed to the onset of dermatitis or acne. More uncommon is the area of application becomes warm, or develops into blisters, eczema, ulcers or rash.

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